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February 10, 2016

Top 5 Most Popular Posts on Customer Service

Top 5 Most Popular Posts on Customer Service featured image

customer-service-ted-rubin-postCustomer service was a hot topic last year, our most read post overall was “Questioning Techniques to Enhance Customer Service.” Customer service is a vital component of your organization’s success. Customer service reps are the voice of your company – their part in managing your company’s image and reputation goes beyond any marketing effort. There should be no doubt that putting resources into having a well-trained customer service department contributes to your bottom line.
Here are our top five most popular posts on customer service:

  1. Questioning Techniques to Enhance Customer ServiceKnowing proper questioning techniques is essential in customer service to completely understand a customer’s situation. There are seven ways customer service reps can ask questions to ensure customer satisfaction… Read More.
  2.  Caution: You May be More Rude Than You Think: Rude behavior is the enemy of good customer service; from the supermarket to the doctor’s office, employees should think of customers as the boss of the organization, and treat them as such in all situations… Read More.
  3. 5 tips for better customer serviceCustomer service is a crucial part of the business model. Great customer service creates a loyal client base that can expand both your revenue and your business as a whole. These five tips help reps deal with the toughest customer issues… Read More.
  4. The real importance of customer service: Customers expect a seamless, personally catered experience every time they interact with your business and will often look elsewhere if they feel as if their needs are not being completely met… Read more.
  5. How to Avoid the Five Forbidden Phrases of Customer Service: Nancy Friedman, the Telephone Doctor, has been collecting statements the public objects to – common pet peeves people have about how they have been treated on the phone and in-person… Read More. 

Professional training is never more important than when it comes to customer service. Handling an angry customer with grace and confidence is far from intuitive, and companies simply cannot afford to let their employees learn on-the-job. Employee development is not an option when it comes to having happy customers and managing your organization’s reputation. For a full listing of courses on customer service, click here.

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