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October 10, 2018

The Future of Organizational Learning by Laura Goodrich

The Future of Organizational Learning by Laura Goodrich featured image

Laura Goodrich, Global Workforce Innovator at GWT Next and partner of MasteryTCN, recently published an article with OD Innovator titled, “Switching Hands: The Future of Organizational Learning.
Goodrich paints a picture of how video-based microlearning helps organizations adapt employee development programs to the demands of today’s workplace.
She starts with the following story:

A while back, I interviewed renowned guitarist Billy McLaughlin for a TV show. A solo performer, Billy used both hands to “hammer” the neck of the guitar without strumming. It was mesmerizing to see live.

But as his career progressed, two fingers on his dominant right hand began to curl and seize. It only got worse with time.

When he finally sought medical help, years later, he was told that he had focal dystonia: an incurable neuromuscular disease that causes uncontrollable muscle contractions and abnormal postures. Billy recalled the doctor frankly stating, “I believe it’s time to find another profession.”

Instead of giving up, Billy focused on what he could control: his non-dominant left hand. For years, he closed himself in a room and practiced in a desperate attempt to revive his career. He didn’t stop until he was ready to perform again at his previous level of skill.

Astounded by his story, I asked what he learned from this experience.

“I learned how to be comfortable being really bad,” he said.

This is exactly the message I tell people in the corporate realm who resist change. When you’re jolted by new processes or evolving industry standards, you must accept the messy teething period of adaptation. Simply focus your mind on what you can control, and you’ll create the change you desire.

Goodrich goes on to share valuable insights into how organizations can reap the benefits of a microlearning strategy. To read the full article, click here.
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